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vCyber Services vCISO support for commercial industry is based on our trademark Four Dimensional service delivery model.


People & Culture

This is the most frequently ignored aspect of a CISO’s work. Human factors are critical within cybersecurity strategy. Culture is one of the most dominant contributors to the posture of enterprise information protection. Ignoring people and culture is courting disaster.

vCyber Services vCISOs provide strategic leadership in the Human Dimension, including:

  • Executive Education

  • Staff Education

  • Executive and Staff Cyber Hiring Support

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) & Network Operations Center (NOC) Hiring Support

  • Operational Security (OpSec) Assessment

  • OpSec Testing / Staff Testing

  • OpSec Mentoring Programs

  • Cyber Culture Assessments

  • Corporate Cyber Initiatives

  • Corporate Cyber Branding


Process, Policy, and Compliance

The Operations Dimension includes all aspects of business processes, compliance processes, and corporate policies that relate to cybersecurity. Process and policy issues are very important to an enterprise’s overall cybersecurity posture but are the second most frequently overlooked focus area. Cyber compliance reporting must not become a "check the box" activity but should instead emerge naturally from a comprehensive information security strategy.

vCyber Services vCISOs provide strategic leadership in the Operations Dimension, including:

  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Secure Business Process Reengineering

  • Cyber-related Operating Procedure Management

  • Corporate Cyber Policies

  • Third Party Security Policies

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Incident Response and Recovery Planning

  • Risk Management Processes

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Policies

  • Enterprise Security Architecture Management

  • Compliance Processes and Reporting (PCI-DSS, GDPR, RMF, etc.)

  • SOC/NOC Policies

  • Data Governance Policies

  • Cyber Breach Insurance Strategies

  • Identity & Access Management Policies

  • Cyber KPI and Outcome Reporting Processes


Systems, Networks, and Data

The Technology Dimension garners the greatest attention from senior executives and IT managers. From firewalls to endpoint antivirus software, from disaster recovery systems to secure remote access tools, the technology dimension is filled with risks and opportunities.

 Are your Human Dimension focus areas – people and culture – aligned with your enterprise cybersecurity strategy?

Are your Operations Dimension focus areas – process, policy, and compliance – aligned with your enterprise cybersecurity strategy?

If you answered yes to BOTH, then you are well positioned to maximize the value of your Technology Dimension investments.

But if you answered no to EITHER, focusing only on the Technology Dimension will produce limited cybersecurity benefits.

vCyber Services vCISOs provide strategic leadership in the Technology Dimension, including:

  • Perimeter Security Architecture

  • Endpoint Protection Architecture

  • Server (local, cloud, hybrid, virtual) Protection

  • Cloud Services Security

  • Active Detection & Response / Threat Hunting

  • SOC Implementation and Control

  • IDAM Implementation

  • Access Control and Audit Technology

  • BC/DR Technology

  • BC/DR Testing

  • Red Team/Blue Team Gaming

  • Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

  • Network Security Technologies

  • Application Security Management

  • Technology Evaluation

  • Cyber ROI Evaluation


Cyber Strategy-as-a-Service Delivered Anywhere, Anytime

Virtual Delivery means vCyber Services experts can support your enterprise regardless of geographic location or corporate organization. While we always operate with a hands-on approach for launching new initiatives and engagements, we fully leverage virtual presence and electronic collaboration to maximize service delivery. 

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